Tariquet Classic

tariquet ‘In the past, all that mattered was the wine making process but over the years, we have gradually learned to make wine that is an honest expression of the vineyard.’ Yves Grassa, winemaker. Superbly intense for a dry fruity white, its bouquet reveals More

Special Events

Boulevard Cans

boulcan2 This is how we know that summer is soon to be upon us.  Getting your favorite beers in cans!  Come to Gomer's South and get your Lemon Radler, Unfiltered Wheat and Pop-Up IPA all in 6-Pack Cans! More

Crown Royal Rye Whisky

crrye Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is a unique whisky blend from a 90% Alberta rye mashbill.  Our Canadian rye grain is planted in the fall, sprouting until it’s covered by a blanket of soft winter snow. Once this now melts, our rye completes its growth, More

Gift Certificates

Not sure which scotch that colleague of yours was saying he loved?  Got a beer or wine lover that you want to get a gift for but don’t know what they like?  Come get them a Gomer’s Gift Certificate.  Doesn’t matter which store you bought it from, More